Saturday, December 22, 2012

brighter days, holiday hours and 10am starting 12/27

Neil & Naomi makin' pie in 2005
Holiday Hours:
Sat 12/22 = 11 - 5pm
Sun 12/23 = 12 - 4pm
Mon, Tues & Wed = Closed 
Thurs 12/27 = 10 - 5pm onwards
Closed Mondays & Tuesdays (naturally closed NY Eve and Day, have a good one!)

 Yes! back to 10am! and in peak spring months of 2013, we'll be open until 6pm and may open Tuesdays again in spring, still coordinating schedules and we'll let you know.

it's the day after solstice and each day starts stretchin' back out for the coming 6 months, yay!  and it was even sunny yesterday and there's a bit peeking out right now.  the weather has gotten chillier, with possible clear, sunny and... below freezing temperatures at the end of the month.  looks great for hiking.  remember to bring hen, duck and goat water in over night and/or top off with a tea kettle to keep at a comfortable drinking.  we have 6' row cover fabric and 10' agricultural plastic, length by the foot and roll if you need to bundle any plants in, too. 

the shop is also getting bigger, it's a puzzle and we're working it out.  Neil moved the book wall back, built new counters, tool wall is moving and expanding, Toussaint Dollarhyde got a new cabin within the pallet racking, new fencing display, seed wall is going mobile, nerdy things like building bins for our plastic and cardboard recycling, more hand painted signs, new baby chick brooder boxes in progress, more plant tables and many other changes are a foot for spring, hee hee!!

Alright, we have some hiking, eating Indian food, playing games and pie making coming up.  Enjoy your cozy time with loved ones.  We are so grateful for 2012 and are open to the unfurling of adventure in 2013.  Viva la winter!  This darkness leads to all of our giddiest joy in spring.  Much love, Naomi  : )