Friday, November 30, 2012


21 days til the darkest day of the year, Winter Solstice, and then each day begins stretching back out.

Hens are hunkering down, some still molting and needing little feather cloaks in the meantime.  Goats are seeking dry perches under roofs.  Ducks think this time of year is simply the best.  Humans are rounding up leaves, woodchips, burlap, straw, cardboard and other mulchables to end weeds and grass and prep areas to be cozy with nutrients worms and microbial life for spring planting.

Seed packets from 2012 have migrated to donations and the mighty flock of seeds will return in January, along with catalogs, mmm...!  Two new Naomi's Mineral Mix fertilizer blends are in progress for the new year.  Baby chick planning with new brooder box designs.  Organic straw abounds and Scratch & Peck's Organic Goat Feed is back.

Mark your Calendar: 
Sat, Dec 1st BUFA Open House: Beginning Urban Farming Apprenticeship, 10 - 2pm
Tues, Dec 11th InFARMation at Holocene: The Food & Farm Movement, Local to Global, free event, info here + Lexicon of Sustainability photos
Thur, Dec 13th Book Reading: Farms with a Future: Creating & Growing a Sustainable Farm Business, at Equal Exchange, details here and free RSVP here