Wednesday, October 3, 2012

DRY autumn - to rain or not to rain.....

Organic Flower Bulbs are in and we have a fun newsletter brewing... will try to get it to you by later tonight or tomorrow......!  We've just brought in some gorgeous and yummy perennials for fall planting.

Goumi Berries! (photo from OregonLive)
new planteroos: ♥ Goumi Berries!, Dwarf Mulberries, Figs, Aronia, Hardy Lady Kiwis + extra males for your hardy or fuzzy ladies, Elderberry, Grapes, Huckleberry, Blueberry, Olives, Bay & more Fruit Trees... Bamboo, 4 timber varieties here & more Clumping 10/10. Medicinals, Natives, Herbs, Veggies, Garlic, Cover Crop, Flowers, little Conifers for containers or in ground, Succulents, Ceanothus, Strawberry Trees, Cornelian Cherry, Manzanitas, lots of part-shade to deep shade treats, Hellebores, 'Blue-Shing Toad'... you know you want a toad lily, yes.. and eventually it will rain.... see you soon!

Cover Crop plenty of organic options in stock for home gardeners.

For Farms & Vineyards, we have seed on hand, varying daily and are still taking pre-orders.  We know the intense soil dryness is making it impossible for many of you to prep your fields and to sow your cover crop without the irrigation usually coming on and off from the sky by now.  If you haven't ordered yet, but intend to, please call or email your order so as soon as you can so that we can reserve or bring in what you need, so you are ready to go as soon as the weather is.  1# - 50# bags, up to multiple ton orders, excellent pricing, Coverage rates here and a pdf of our most current price list can be emailed to you.