Friday, June 15, 2012

OPEN Wednesdays, rainbows, goat workshop, Carissa!

Wednesday hours!
Yes indeed, starting June 20th, we'll also be open Wednesdays from 11 - 5pm, inspired by the fact of one of our favorites is coming back to the herd this month... more info further below.
(Closed Mondays and Tuesdays)

Diana and Dennis from Scratch and Peck were in town from Bellingham during a trip visiting all of the farms that grow their certified organic grains, 11 farms so far and the cold-pressing plant in Oregon that makes seed meals and visted us, too, woo hoo! and in addition to their chicken and duck feeds, we will also be carrying their goat feed, possibly as separate ingredients so you can mix your own. Much thanks to the two young ladies wearing unicorn outfits, who had been coloring and were really pleased to be in a photo with the goats, for making this picture so cute...  : )

Rainbow Book Sale at Naomi's! Come on by this Saturday 6/16 & Sunday 6/17, let us know you support Marriage Equality and save 15% on any books. Many hundreds of titles in stock on organic gardening, farming, seed saving, preserving, fermenting, crafts, botanical latin... vermiculture, natural building, kids books, keeping goats and chickens + other literary treats. Celebrate Pride Northwest!!  And then head around the corner to Hip Chicks Do Wine with your receipt, get a free wine tasting & 10% off wine purchases (this weekend or any day in the future).  Yep.  We love our neighbors.

Mary & Eric (Naomi's mom and step-dad) just got married last Friday in front of the goat barn at our house (we live on the same property together in Milwaukie), their dog Poppy was the ring bearer, Neil wore a powder blue top hat, ruffles and suit, Oona and Binga dressed up and brought a funny part of the vows for each of them and Naomi surprised them as a bear before the cake cutting..... more photos to come...

Goat Workshop!   People's Summer Street Party is Wednesday, June 27th from 2 - 9pm and we're teaching a workshop from 2 - 3:15pm with Naomi & Carissa, goats Oona, Binga and possibly... the wee roo Toussaint

Ezra's Organics was in the news!  We have their gorgeous, sturdy organic grafted tomatoes in stock along with many other planteroos including a bounty from Mostly Medicinals, including perennial Sea Kale and the perennial reddish-orange nasturtium and edible tuber Mashua.  Muah ha haa.......

Carissa is coming back to our herd!!  She is just finishing a teaching position and starts again with us later this month and we have oodles of ideas up our sleeves, very excited.  (Photo from when she worked with Jan and Larry at Fraga Farm)

We love jazz!  KMHD radio pledge drive is on, donate, do it.  If I could play a B3 Hammond, oh man...

And in the feline and canine department, we have Organix Cat & Dog food, Ultramix Lamb & Rice back ion stock, along with Taste of the Wild Cat & Dog food.

Ooo! and we just rented a space right nearby for our 40' rail container (fits right in near the Brooklyn rail yards here..) and will soon have our big bales of hay and straw joining the compressed ones we have, back in stock and the shop. (photo when the container was at our old shop with Trevor, during a Hip Happening craft fair we hosted in May 2011)