Friday, April 6, 2012

Open on Easter Bunny Sunday 11 - 4pm

Yes, we'll be here with lovely plant starts, seeds, chicks and so much more to get your garden on from 11 - 4pm on Sunday (just closing one hour early to go home and eat yummy food)

Fluffy Peepers here: Ameraucanas of the chubby cheeks and blue, green or pink eggs, Speckled Sussex who get more speckly each year and two dark brown egg layers = French Black Marans & Welsummers, plus Dominiques, Delawares, Gold Comet Sex-links, Rhode Island Reds, Bantam Dark Blue Cochins, Bantam White Frizzles, Bantam Blue Quail Belgian d'Anvers

*more details in our HENS, CHICKS & DUCKS section*

Supportland 'point-filled' eggs abound.  See if you can find points at Open Space Cafe and then head around the corner to visit us and see if you can find more.  Over 500 eggs are hidden, the hunt lasts until shops close Saturday, April 7th.  You can check out all the rewards and businesses on  And if you're new, being a member is free, we have cards at the counter and you get 15 bonus points with us the first time.