Wednesday, March 14, 2012

le peepers!

♥ le peepers... have landed. Neil just picked them up in Aurora this morning and their song fills the air, guard your heartstrings... they're tuggers ♥

From  March 14th into May - We will have organic baby chicks and ducklings primarily hatched in Oregon 25 miles from our shop, which we pick up in our truck the day after hatch We feed organic chick starter, provide lots of fresh water, bits of greens and love.  They like jazz and being cooed about by you...  They are sexed to ~90% accuracy female (roos by request, too) and vaccinated against Marek's.  We will also have chicks from Oregon & Washington breeders when available, as noted (which may not be sexed or vaccinated, per breeder), and bantams, local or occasionally by mail, as noted (too tiny to sex/gender, always 'straight-run') - Email or call if you'd like to pre-order breeds you see on our Online Chick List:

+ big thanks to Stella and Beka of Blue Moon Farm for helping design and paint the ladies' brooder boxes and... their treasured cartons hen and duck eggs are back in our shop, more this weekend. ladies are laying strong and there are turkey,duck and/or goose eggs available by special order, too for culinary adventures.....