Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Year of the Dragon!

FREE January 2 - 9th from 10am - 5pm: Lan Su Chinese Gardens, celebrate the new year touring the beautiful gardens and then have hot tea in the cozy teahouse! 

We love tea.  L O V E.  Our elves' tea cabinet is freshly stocked with Foxfire Teas, visit their neat shop on 11th & Division for many varieties in bulk.  ..alfalfa & bramble tea for Office Goat...of course. 

Happy 2012!  Excited that it will be dragontastic and that the sun has gently led in the first two days.    Know that it's time for the rains to settle in in order for good things to grow.

{See you at People's on Wed 1/4 + normal pick up site schedule}