Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Craft Fair at People's + OG 3-Grain & Dairy Goat Feed

BACK IN STOCK:  Organic 3-Grain Hen Scratch and Organic 16% Dairy Goat Feed, both are corn-free recipes.  Chickens and goats delight...!
HAY:  Scrumptious big 100# bales of premium Alfalfa Hay (conventional), plus big 85# bales of tasty Orchard and Orchard / Timothy Hay grown like our Big bales of Straw, no herbicides or pesticides for over 70 years and fertilized with compost made from grapes after winemaking.  Ever convenient Compressed bales of Alfalfa, Orchard, Timothy and Straw always available, too.
CRAFTS:  Visit us at People's Co-op tomorrow to pick up your goods from us, gather veggies and fruit from your favorite farmers for holiday meals + find great *locally handmade gifts at the Craft Fair up in the warm community room above the co-op. 

HOT BATHS = WINTER BLISS: We have Epsom Salts and Redmond Trace Mineral Salts for hot soaks.  Each available in economical 5, 25 and 50# bags.  Wonderful for warming up your winter and great for making gifts, sharing with friends.  I had the pleasure of soaking in the amazing wood-fired hot tub (photo on the right) at a lady farm retreat at my friend Ginger's off-grid permaculture farm on the coast, R-evolution Gardens this past weekend, wow.  Fed with water from the creek and heated by the Chofu stove, it gets hotter the longer you're in and you add cold creek water to make it just right.  Read more about this Japanese Bath House at their farm (plus photos), designed and built by Brian of the farm and Cape Falcon Kayaks, with classes to build your own skin-on-frame kayak.  I also got to stay in the Japanese Tea House and be with some of my favorite women, brainstorm and relax.  Winter at the coast is soothing and inspiring.  Barren trees, sun melting through layers of clouds, golden orangey yellows in greys, crisp nights, clear, stars, so many conifers, ever dynamic ocean, tea by a wood fire, solitude and friendship.

OPEN for ORDERS:  Email or call us anytime to pre-order for pickup at People's or another convenient spot.  We'll be available through the holidays for feed, straw, books, tools, compost and winter supplies... : )

2012 SMALL FARMS CONFERENCE:  Mark your calendar for Saturday, February 25th.  Register and learn more online now and plan a carpool to OSU in Corvallis for lots of great people and workshops!  Keynote Speaker: Kristin Kimball, Essex Farm and author of The Dirty Life: A Memoir of Farming, Food & Love. (photo lower right)
WINTER SOLSTICE:  This holiday weekend we are going for a very long hike on the Wildwood Trail in Forest Park and eating yummy foods with friends. Celebrating the longer days that begin this Friday morning with pancakes! after the longest night of the year on the 22nd... only brighter days to come.  

Happy Solstice!  xox, Naomi

*Here's a sampling of what awaits you at this year's Craft Fair at People's Co-op on Wednesday, December 21st from 2 - 7pm:     Body care products, Handspun yarn, Felt play food & accessories, Terrarium pendants & ornaments, Journals & planners, Wooden hair picks & combs, Hats, Lampshades, Greeting cards, Nightlights, Socks, Rugs, Kitchen utensils, Garden art, Toys, Hand cut stone jewelry, Origami art & balloons, Reclaimed fabrics/leather: bags, clothes, ornaments, & housewares, Costumes, Sock monkeys.....yes, and much more!