Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Garlic + Chinook Book + Fraga's Organic Goat Cheese

Fraga Farms Organic Goat Cheese was at market last week and they will be a continuing neighbor near us at People's farmer's market this fall and winter, so delicious, mmm... we love!! Carissa worked with Jan & Larry for a year a while back in Sweet Home, OR with their herd of 60 Alpine and Nubian goats. Chevre, Feta, Cheddar, Goatzarella, Greek Olive and more here + at more farmer's markets, groceries stores and co-op in Oregon.
Seed Garlic - Chesnok and Killarney Red are back, plus a new hot Siberian variety. More Polish, Ontario Purple Trillium, Silver Rose and the heirlooms Oregon Blue & Nootka Rose.  Beautiful selection of 12 varieties of garlic in stock, read descriptions here.  New planting tip sheet for you at market this week, too.  You can plant as late as December or January, with the goal to have nine months for your garlic heads to grow and harvest during a dry time of year.  We've found ourselves planting late November around the thanksgiving holiday, motivated like good squirrels to make sure that garlic seed stock will be ample in the new year.

Order organic fertilizer to get your garlic on to a great start, too, including fish bone meal, soft rock phosphate, alfalfa meal, kelp, lime and mycorrhizal + compost and worm castings.  Buy direct on Wednesdays at our booth at People's or order by email and pick up at the nearest location - we're happy to talk through clove / seed quantities per head of each variety, answer questions and put together your dream order.  We eat a LOT of it roasted (mmm!!!), pureed fresh, in salsa, in popcorn with fresh herbs and nutritional yeast and chopped into breakfast eggs and many dinners.... ahhhhh....love

Flower Bulbs new signs and photos by Mamo, Tulips, Daffodils, Crocus, Muscari and Hyacinths in so many colors.  All grown with organic fertilizer, soils and compost at our old shop in Sellwood in our flower crates and the mighty Flower Bulb Mountain...  and we will be growing out more stock each year and look forward to hearing about your favorites. (Ballerina, Monsella and Elizabeth Arden's Tulips growing at the entrance of our old shop this past spring)

Chinook Book Coupons - honoring your 2010 coupons all week for pre-orders placed for pick up through this weekend and for anything you buy from our booth at market tomorrow, Wed 11/2.  We're also in the new 2011 book  : )