Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Oregonian + Ontario Purple Trillium Garlic...mmm!

Video from the Oregonian last week:

See you at market tomorrow Wed, October 5th from 2 - 7pm! We'll also be delivering your orders to The Side Yard Farm drop site on Thursday morning in NE Portland / Cully.

GARLIC: more varieties in this week including: Softnecks - Nootka Silver, Naomi's, Oregon Blue, Polish and Silver Rose & Hardnecks - Music, Naomi's, Ontario Purple Trillium, Russian Giant, Siberian. Chesnok and Killarney available again soon. Come by our booth at People's Co-op on Wednesdays or order by email and pick up at a Drop Site. FLOWERS: We'll also have more of the color flower bulbs we grew in the crates and Flower Bulb Mountain at the old shop, including many tulips, daffodils, crocus, hyacinth at market and add more info online in case you'd like to pre-order them, too. COVER CROP: wide variety of wonderful seed available, see our list and email for prices, the sizes you need and any questions + we'll also have seed at market.