Friday, October 21, 2011

BEES + Film Screening of 'The Greenhorns' Documentary

Farmers and All You Adorable People Who Eat Food!

The Greenhorns, swirl of young farmer posse-driven celebrators are here in PORTLAND oregon. Screening their film and wanting to drink beer with you. Eat food and share stories, resources and news from the policy table. 

2 Nights only:  Tonight! at the Mission Theatre 1624 NW Glisan
                       Saturday night! at Blackbird Farm, Woodland, WA

Greenhorns' Facebook for more details.

Bee Thinking has a few spots open for this Saturday's class with Matt: "Beginning Beekeeping with Top Bar and Warre Hives!"  Highly recommended - Matt's an excellent teacher and fall is a great time to learn and prepare for a spring with your own hive and a herd of honey bees... become a beek.  We love Bee Thinking!!