Tuesday, October 18, 2011

14' Box Truck joins the herd!

we just picked up this new little animal for our herd... she needs a name. or he... we've been told ships are ladies and trucks are dudes.  gender and names are flexible things.

you have been keeping us very busy and we're excited to increase our capacity for delivery, market and order pick-up sites with this 14' box truck in addition to our truck and trailer. 
and yes, we will be hand painting and making a very colorful drawings on all that white space...
getting orders ready for this week, see you soon! ♥ much love, naomi & neil 
For Vicki, who called this morning, and anyone looking to sharpen tools, a brilliant fall and winter idea - try Sharpening4U http://www.sharpening4u.com/ - at a number of Farmer's Markets in season and their shop on 3429 NE Sandy in Portland.


Zev said...

Sharpening most tools is so simple! I can't imagine paying someone to file down a mower blade or chainsaw chain for us.


Naomi Montacre said...

Easy for some like you, but a service others enjoy taking tools and knives in for - fall and winter is a great time either way. Like baking bread... easy for some and yet there are many types of bread and many bakeries. Sharing those tool care skills with your friends and neighbors is always a welcome gift and makes for a great barter, too! : )