Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"Best Goat Delivery!", Q-Bar Feed and August Pre-Orders

We are now operating out of a warehouse and big barn and are mobile! Continuing to supply both retail and wholesale, while we search for a neat, new site and hone what we love doing most.

We offer deliveries, regular drop-sites and will be at a farmer's market or two by early September.
by emailing us
{ order@naomisorganic.com }

More specifics below in FEED & PRE-ORDERS! (sketch of our future logo drawing by Neil Montacre)

WW: We made the Willamette Week's Best of Portland 2011 issue in the 'Best People' section for our new venture: going mobile to keep you supplied with goat feed... and everything else an urban or rural garden or farmstead needs. Read this article, "Best Goat Delivery," thanks to Liz Crain for the sweet write up! (Check out this tattoo shop her partner Tyler just opened on N. Williams by our old 'Hens for Obama' rental house, Grizzly Tattoo.)

We have moved from our Sellwood neighborhood location, 2500 SE Tacoma St. in Portland. Les Schwab Tire Centers gave us one week's notice and demolished the building into a trash heap. You can read more about demolition day in our blog here, there is a photo slide show in the works and more in this article in The Oregonian. Greatly due to your strong support, our incredible employees and everyone who came out to help us move in that intense deadline, we were able to take apart the shop and warehouse in time and then clear a 40' perimeter with one day's notice, dig up all of our plants trees, flower bulb stock and move our animals, barn, greenhouse, and about 100 pallets of product. KATU came out to film a video, Community rallies to try to save local organic farm store. And it was so nice to see all of you who came to our Wednesday and Sunday 'open air markets' at the old site throughout July.

FEED & AUGUST PRE-ORDERS: We have 1 ton of fresh Q-Bar Layer and Pullet Developer (teenagers), plus Payback Feeds, straw, hay and many other feed & organic fertilizer goods - please email us to pre-order. Carissa & Naomi will be doing drop sites Wednesday, August 10th and 31st near our old shop site in Sellwood, with a vacation and summer enjoyment in between!
> > > EMAIL Your Order to { order@naomisorganic.com } and we will confirm your order, pricing and send you the address and pickup time. (Naomi & Mary at the campfire)

COVER CROP SEED: You're welcome to pre-order from packet sizes for raised bed gardens, on up to 50 lb bags and partial to full pallet farm orders. Check our website for more.

DROP SITES: If you are interested in hosting a drop site for pre-ordered goods, please contact us. We supply retail and wholesale to the Portland / Milwaukie Metro area, also going up into Vancouver, down into Salem, towards the gorge, coast and more... open to your ideas and know many of you came quite a distance to our shop, now we come to you!

CAMPFIRE: The celebration campfire to let go of the land and honor the good times was special. It feels very good to be done digging up all the plants, trees and flower bulbs.
And to have all of our shop fixtures secured in a barn and our product at a warehouse nearby. Plants, animals and people are all content relaxing in the summer sunshine.

VACATION: The four of us are going to rest up a bit, visit with friend's and get into the woods in mid August. This has been our quietest month, with many of you on vacation and enjoying the bounty and warmth of summer. (Bee Banditos, Naomi & Colby)

BEES! We moved them in the wee hours Saturday night with the wonderful help of Matt & Jill Reed of Bee Thinking (check out their new shop in Sellwood behind Grand Central Bakery!) and the bravery of Colby Buswell & Brian Mosley, who were willing to help move one of the hives which had a human heart size cluster of bees camping outside the opening or 'bearding'. More details and photos of the bee fun on our facebook page (link on left sidebar). It's fun to be reunited with them and see them pollinating all of our flowers again and exploring the blackberry flowers lining the Trolley Trail. (Matt smoking the beard of bees to relax them)

MOBILE PLANNING & ORDERS: We are set up at our neat Manor office headquarters with our bees, plants, hens and duck advisors, just a few miles south of the old shop site, putting together your orders! Working on our plans for more deliveries, drop-sites and farmer's markets.

See you soon!
xox, Naomi, Carissa, Chris & Neil