Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Updates + Q-Bar Feed

OPEN Today is the last official day of the shop here!
* We are working on drop sites to keep you stocked in feed and goods asap while we are in transition towards our new home.
*Come give goat nuzzles, bcaw at the chickens and lighten our load with treats tools, books, big ol' bags, beautiful flowers, trees + more.
+ Thanks to cute, burly volunteers yesterday, we got a tremendous amount moved out of the warehouse, pallet racking down, lots more to do, but it's going great.
+ Email or call if you'd like to help, lots of plants to dig up and other projects.
Q-Bar Layer & other Feeds, new batch ready next week around July 13th and we will be taking orders and update how it will work here to keep your chickens happily supplied! There has been a delay on barley (which they've got again) and now bags. We will add specifics in a bit.

Volunteer thanks to: Karen, Mark, Kate, Bren, Marlena, Thor, Tim, Kaori, Nik, Beka, Stella, Scott, Howie and more!! We are so grateful for all of your continued help and the big plant dig up starts Friday afternoon and we'll be ready for the many more of you that have volunteered : )

Gift Certificates: During our transition time will happily be honoring gift certificates both current and past their dates and creatively get you goods. Just contact us if you have any questions or desires.

Thank you very much!