Friday, July 1, 2011

MOVING + Open here Sat, Sun, Tues + You are the best!

Most wonderful customers and friends,

It's been a big day.

We are officially MOVING and Thursday we began intensely packing to be out of the building by an earlier date, July 7th, versus the 31st. We will have at least one to three weeks to stage our goods and to dig up our plants and trees on the northwest section of the land across from the gate at SE 24th St & Tacoma.

We are aiming to be OPEN this Sat, Sun and Tues, July 5th to lighten our load a bit if you need goods and say goodbyes to you at this lovely spot.

We were told today that the building is being demolished on Friday, July 8th and there is no way to continue on the neighboring land or come back later.

We have been working very hard at finding a new permanent or intermediate site and navigating semi access, zoning and utilities with several properties in Portland and Milwaukie. We are trying to stay as close to our current site as we can, and have also reached our net further, open to ideas. We had hoped to only be closed for 4 days, but it will likely be a bit longer and we'll keep it updated here.

We do have a lot of ideas to keep supplying and seeing you in the meantime and know you are patient and incredibly supportive. You power us through this adventure and have us so inspired to find a great new site and possibly go mobile to serve you in the meantime... You are truly the best. The cats, goats, ducks and chickens and we will miss you during the transition time ahead, but we will be back and all happier than ever.

There are a variety of volunteer opportunities, just email or call if you're interested and we'll be focusing on digging out the plants and trees and other exterior things from July 8th to the 15th or later if we're still able to be on site through the 31st and then move out from the west gate.

Here is a sampling of help we need if you are available for any, just let us know:

Very Special Project

- Networking our computers back together at our new site / intermediary office nearby

Odd Projects

- Drive a load of household batteries to METRO in Oregon City for recycling

- Remove Christmas lights from building and metal structure

- Make signage: signs to announce, signs about having moved and a sheet for people to take with of website, phone, blog, etc. to find us

- Remove signage

- Moving and digging up / potting up plants and trees throughout the site (starting July 8th)

Bigger Projects

- Palletize and clear back side of building

- Hen & Duck relocation / new set up

- Disassembling barn / coop and pen

- Disassembling red window greenhouse (may be a later project, starting the 8th)

- Take down metal framing by plants / animal pen

- Take down interior and exterior pallet racking

- Take down banners at 99E and Tacoma – at very end of getting to be here, July 15th or 31st

- Carefully digging out, labeling and storing the flower bulb mountain

- Seed collection from Cover Crops and other plants

Things we need:

- Boxes, wide variety and bags could be good too.

- Pots, big odd containers to put trees and perennials we’ll be digging up in.

- Help thinking of things we're not yet thinking of... ; )

Thank you very, very much for all being so unique and kind!!