Sunday, July 24, 2011

* Lighten Our Load * Sunday Moving Sale! 2 - 6pm Today

20% off PLANTS: Fruit trees - apple, pear, plum, cherry, berry canes, autumn olive, wintergreen, strawberry trees, cranberries, salmon and thimble berries, currants, kiwi vines and much more, plus organic herbs, perennial and annual flowers, shade plants, sedums (does not include Bamboo). Plus a table of FREE annual vegetables : )

10% off Assorted Goods:

- Stutzman’s Organic Chicken Manure 3-2-2 Fluffy & Supr-Green and 4-3-3 Nutri-Rich Granular

- Imperial Powdered Lime, Organic

- Teufel’s Compost 3cf

- 1.5 cf Black Gold Seedling Mix

- Peat Moss 2.2 cf & 3.8 cf

- Steer Manure, Filthy Rich 20qt

- Black Gold Worm Castings

10 – 50% off assorted pet and livestock food, treats, odds and ends.

$1 bag for 50lb SALT: sealed bags, some have caking

- Blue Bags - Diamond Crystal Extra Coarse Solar Salt

- Green Bags - Rust Buster Sure Soft Solar Salt (40lb)

$2 bag or block & .50 cents per brick for LIVESTOCK SALT - Bricks & Blocks by Redmond, Champion and Beaver Brands:

- Assorted Trace Mineral, Cobalt, Iodized, Plain, Sweetlix 3 in 1, Redmond Mineral Salt with Selenium, Sweetlix Buck & Doe Blocks, Beaver Brand Meat Goat, Equine Micro Salt Bricks, Iodized Salt Bricks, Trace Mineral Salt Bricks, Kiln Dried Medium, Redmond #4 Medium Organic, Fine Feed Mixing Salt

$2 per 50lb bag for Soda Ash and Monodicalcium Phosphate

50% off Pumice = 2.65 per 1cf bag – Large size, excellent volcanic drainage

$1 per bag Perlite 12 qt by Black Gold

Come on over! Wooo Hooooo!!! : )

Naomi’s Organic Farm Supply – last Sunday at old site before final move

2500 SE Tacoma St., Portland, OR 97202 – Sellwood neighborhood