Monday, July 11, 2011

FEED and smiles during transition : )

Throughout July as we are moving, we will have these hours and goods:

Wed 2 - 6pm 7/13 --- 7/20 --- 7/27
Sunday 2 - 6pm 7/17 --- 7/24

We will have plants, Q-Bar & Payback Layer, Pullet & Goat Feeds, Teufel Compost and limited amounts of other things + Bluemoon Eggs by the kids who will also be there with lemonade! It will be charmingly rustic. Payment is by CASH & CHECK only. Walk in the west gate at SE 24th & SE Tacoma St.

Volunteers welcome during these hours, to help digging up trees and plants : )

By Sunday, July 31st and Wednesday, August 3rd onwards, we will be completely moved off of the site and have a new drop site nearby and will continue to expand product availability each week. The ability to take regular pre-orders is in the near future. We'll let you know when we have that set up.

We are excitedly working on creative ways to keep you supplied and see you regularly. The critters demand we act quickly as they are in withdrawl missing you already and the ducks would like you to know we are hunkered down in a 1905 summer Manor. Rainbow sparkly elves will see you on Wednesday!

Article in the Oregonian - Naomi's Organic Farm Supply leveled to make room for Les Schwab Tire Center in Southeast Portland