Friday, July 8, 2011

demolition day

tonight, 1/2 of her remains in a heap where you bought flowers. to be carted out with the concrete slab tomorrow morning. the other 1/2 and insulation were hauled away quickly this afternoon for scrap.

a huff and a puff

at 9:41am, i went back up on the overpass bridge, calling my mom to say hey! here's what the demolition sounds like since she is away during this.

the building immediately quivered. and in a way that was so slow and so fast. like an earthquake, a moment of solid mass in jello. flattened. and i completely lost it, cried uncontrollably on the phone with her cradled in the sounds of screeching, heaving metal.

they began at 7:30am. after two hours of biting, a pause, waiting for the electricity to be shut off and the shop space being torn out in pieces, i didn't realize it would heave over. and it felt like an animal ripped out of my chest.

when i was quiet, the lead contractor stopped from down below to kindly ask if I was okay and they said they could hear my sadness over the sounds of the demolition.

the demolition crew, cut this heart from the center of the building's center beam and they all signed it. i hugged them all and turned to show it to everyone. very touching and cried in happiness. they called me over when they were lifting the gnarled beams on to a flat bed. i deeply love good people. and this heart and your strong humanity will be in our future space and keep growing.

truly the sweetest demo guys we could ever have during this. we found a double sided piece of pink wood from our original bamboo chicken tractor years ago and cut out a heart of appreciation in return for their kindness in all respects and super neat metal beam heart. in the afternoon, they hooked us right back up with water for the plants.

very good public meeting at the S.M.I.L.E. Station about the future of this property last night. we came back and salvaged more materials in the dark with our truck headlights until after midnight. the list of what people salvaged is great and we all wished we'd had even one more day to save more. after speaking about our move out needs at last night's meeting we do now have until the 31st to dig out our trees and plants and continue packing and moving off the property.

she's down. such a good building. the crew said they had never taken down such a nice, solid structure. she treated us all so well and will always remembered as the shelter we first all started coming together in and around. RIP.

all the little bits of her we had that day to get will live on in new things: a Sherrett Square compost bin, a roof at Flying Onion Farm; lots of insulation, wood, doors and pegboard for our new mobile office wagon and future shop; glass doors for a greenhouse at Mosley Manor; exhaust fan, gas heater, metal studs, garage door and much more to Bill & Big John and metal, pegboard, wood and hardware to Chris & Brendan's farm in Damascus. we all wish there had been more time to salvage the metal roof and siding.

with much love and gratitude to this demolition crew, our neighbors, incredible volunteers and all of you near and far. you are the best. and we will come back together in a new space even happier and more colorful. it can only keep getting better from here!

Much love,