Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Solstice

arrives with a week of warm sunny weather. deep breathing and embracing the warmth. giddy plants, hens luxuriating in dust baths and goats perched above us gently chewing their cud...

and the two cutest buddies, Bumblefina and Octavius

they have serious summer fever, so hanging out at the counter is not as fun as on rainier days... they're often in their day pen so they are not found by unsuspecting dogs visiting. they have free range of the garden, shop and warehouse together before and after hours and their own special sleeping nook in the back of the warehouse.

+ 15% off our last batch of certified organic potatoes - including All Blue, All Red, Pontiac Red (white flesh) and Russett Burbank

+ Les Schwab Update - Here is a link to their Land Use Review which was just mailed to neighbors and others, Notice of a Type II Proposal in Your Neighborhood with an extended deadline of July 14th deadline for your comments. (Neighborhood meeting on July 7th about the zoning issues with a tire store representative - 8210 SE 13th Ave., on July 7, 2011 at 7:00 p.m). We hope that as this process to ask for an additional 22 parking spaces and other adjustments will take time and as Exxon's remediation and later construction of the neighboring lot appears a ways off, that we will at least be able to be here in July or month to month beyond that. If the parking is approved, there is still .75 acres available to the west, which would be more than enough for us to move over to and get creative with, surrounded by trees = beautiful! We are waiting to hear back from Mr. Dave Husk or another Les Schwab representative. We're still working hard on alternate sites, too. More updates as soon as we have them!

+ CSA Shares available from the wonderful lady farmers of Backyard Bounty Farm and Sidewalk's End Farm!