Saturday, May 28, 2011

What would Les do if he were here?

Find out in this update on Friend's of Naomi's website. We are here in June and fully stocked!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

rainbow powered plants

50 to 70% chance of rain brings 30 to 50% chance of sunshine... should equal many rainbows this weekend! a mix of cloud cover creates a wonderfully, peaceful time to plant your veggies, herbs, fruit and flowers and sow seeds in your garden.

We have a fresh round of seeds & plants that just came in and more arriving Friday.

Mark your calendars for 'We Love You All Party' on Sunday June 5th (a.k.a. Customer Appreciation Party)! and photos of last weekend's fun Hip Happening and Spring Pig Benefit soon, too. Here are a few including Trevor heading out to find the next vehicle to load...

Friday, May 20, 2011

Bumblefina is in the The Oregonian!

Les Schwab could show it values community by letting Naomi's Organic Farm Supply stay on Sotheast Portland lot - by Anna Griffin for The Oregonian, front page of the Metro section. More photos online by Tyler Tjomsland

Here is our latest May newsletter.

You can sign up for our future newsletters at this link. : )

Friday, May 13, 2011

On the radio with KBOO!

We were just interviewed on the KBOO Evening News tonight at 5:15pm about our shop and land situation. Thanks for calling us KBOO!

The two customer groups are:

Friends of Naomi's Organic Farm Supply, has a website to post customers letters, photos and videos, plus a new Petition. You can also find them on facebook. Here is a response letter they wrote to Les Schwab.

SNAG : Save Naomi's Action Group, email if you'd like to join.

And yes, definitely come party with us on the weekends! Much fun will be had every day, rain or sunshine : )

KBOO's Spring Pledge Drive on now, become a Member or renew your pledge. And listen to the annual Call-In Chicken show from 6 - 7pm at 90.7fm or listen online.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Conviviality! Hip Happening & Spring Pig Benefit

Here in the gardens at our shop = 2 Big Parties!

1) Hip Happening Craft Bazaar! Free, all day on Saturday May 21st - With over 25 craft vendors, plus food and music. See more info in the post below and on their site on facebook page (photo of our flower bulb crates)

2) Spring Pig on Sunday, May 22nd from 3 - 9pm, we're donating our site to this delicious benefit to raise money for the Portland Farmer's Market Fresh Exchange Program for SNAP Recipients, (formerly the Food Stamp Program), so that Farmer's Markets can be for everyone. In this 'economic climate,' equal access to fresh food is more important than ever. Help fill the gap and get more farm-direct produce into the hands of our neighbors who need help for produce, meat, seafood, cheese, edible plant starts and some baked goods. Buy tickets here $50. Big thanks to Grand Central Bakery and Ristretto Roasters for sponsoring Spring Pig and to all the volunteers and chefs donating their food and skills below. And for the Fresh Exchange Program, big thanks to The International Culinary School, Country Financial and Dave's Killer Bread for sponsoring the program and to Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods, Portland Business Alliance's Leadership Program and Southeast Uplift Neighborhood Coalition for making it happen! (photo on right from The Side Yard Farm's 2009 Calendar)

DONATIONS for Spring Pig from: Miss Zumstein's Cakes and Desserts: Gift Certificate, KellyPuleio: Food Photo, Body Harmonics Massage: 1 Hour Massage from Melody, Ristretto Roasters: Coffee, Optic Nerve: Tattoo from D'Lacie McBride, Vino Paradiso: Gift Certificate to Dinner, The Open Kitchen: Treats and from Naomi's Organic Farm Supply, a staff decorated Sexy Rainbow Pitchfork and a Hori Hori Knife. (Shop hen, Rita, a Silver-Laced Cochin)

CHEFS! Ben Meyer of Grain & Gristle, Brian Landry of Bamboo Sushi, Eric Belanger & Stacey Givens of The Side Yard Farm, Gabe Kapustka, Kat Liebman of Cocotte Bar & Bistro, Ben Schade, Tray representing Eat Oregon First & PDX Meat Collective, Abby's Table, Hopworks Brewery, Fifty Licks and Firewood from Dean Innovations (who also make bulk certified organic soil and compost blends, get it delivered by the yard and we will have bag your own piles here soon, too)

MUSIC: Okay, that's a lot of deliciousness and there will be more food, raffle prizes and music by River Twain, Tom Bowers and singer Nicole Sangsuree of Victory Garden Farms (photo on right with radishes and carrots) and more... oh. my.

We would love to be able to take Oregon Trail Cards here for plant starts in the future and will be working on it during the quieter parts of this year. Zenger Farm is starting a Pilot CSA for Food Stamp Users on their new land, Furey Field this year, read more on their farm blog here. And Holly and Caitlin of Sidewalk's End Farm (photo on right), spoke up at InFARMation last night about the excitement of selling at farmer's markets that can accept Oregon Trail Cards this year, as it is challenging for their CSA to accept them and this provides an additional way to get food in the hands of people they care about. Sidewalk's End Farm, Backyard Bounty Farm (Melanie photos left, tilling and of beets + drop site is at our shop) and other great Portland area CSA's have shares available if you are interested in more information about dedicated local farmers growing delicious food for you and many have payment schedule options spread over the season.

Other shop news:
- the adorable Tufts of Fluff, aka baby chicks of many breeds and a variety of ages will be available for your visiting and adoption all month.
- veggie, herb and flower starts are in full beauty and yumminess, plus fruit trees, berries and much more
- so many new tools... mmm...... and seeds! quietly await you coming to liberate them in your gardens and farms
- Flower Bulb Mountain & Crates! Thank you for enjoying them and wanting to buy the crates and cut flowers. For this year, we are focusing on growing out the bulbs with our homemade organic fertilizer, for seed stock for you this fall, since we couldn't find any organic flower bulbs for you last fall. Next year we will make sure to have some potted containers for you, along with cut flowers, we hear your requests : ) We LOVE flowers. Carissa A. and I started the mountain late November as it seemed easier and more fun than moving the dirt elsewhere, terraced it and methodically planted in the dark... and mapped it out. We found the crate technique in The Flower Farmer: An Organic Grower's Guide to Raising and Selling Cut Flowers by Lynn Bycznski (here at the shop). (Photo on right Naomi planting flower bulbs at night and the mountain in May)
- Missionary Chocolates crafted by sisters Melissa and Vanessa, aka The Prescription for Your Chocolate Addiction, ahem... are jumping off the counter into your mouths, so good! More flavors coming back in this week. Plus more of Glen's golden honey as soon as he's able, in between last season and the coming harvests and more colorful Bluemoon Eggs just landed. (Photo on right of Carissa A. unpacking tools)
- Hen Update: Bumblefina is enjoying meeting you all each day from her perch at the counter as the feathered Shop Goddess and PJ is still crowing in her femme rocker way by day and sleeping in her own private bucket bedtime quarters each night. Lil' Tibby has started a chihuahua like bark when she wants in the best nest box (never heard anything like it) and Lima is still in her own time out pen, she is the ultimate Alpha Hen and we love her, but was picking some neck feathers of Rita and Madame Ruuschaupt, attacked PJ, not allowed. Love these unique creatures. (PJ is quite pleased about being featured in Cooking Light with her photograph and bucket habits by the way...) (Photo on left of Naomi and Bumblefina)
- Cat Update: Puff and Jeff are holding down the fort and keeping the warehouse rodent free. Outside, perhaps they are off duty... but as our bosses, they do what they want. Jeff would like to remind all that he likes armpits that have been out working in the dirt and always appreciates your affection. The Fizz gets to patrol the shop and warehouse after hours with Bumblefina,but born in the neighboring woodpile last year... she is not allowed outside and can't see you during the day. (Photo on right of Puff helping Carissa A. stock seeds and on left, Jeff greeting a nice girl)
- Goat Update: A little kid from Going Goaty came by with his sister for adoption, but was not quite yet a wether and......... wow, the scent of a little buck drove the other three completely insane. So, no baby goats here for the moment, but sometime soon and inquire if you're looking and we'll connect you. They did have fun with two visiting grown lady goats who may be up for adoption. Ooo! and a new goat play structure is in the works. Sebastian likes sunny afternoon naps on the roof of the hens' speakeasy, they allow.
-Duck Update: Foof is my girlfriend. We're in love. Fig and Scout (Black and Blue/Grey Runners) are getting braver about slugs and greens. Laying oodles of eggs every morning. They all have the opposite opinion of humans and goats on the rainy days. They say, bring it on!!! Oregon = Decadence for a Duck.

The Northern Oregon & Southern Washington Women Farmer Group (unofficial name) organizational potluck was May 3rd at the Oregon City Grange Hall, so many great women and strong ideas. We will be working on a website to share more info and you can join the listserv here - - and we'll get everyone connected to each other, future events & workshops. (Stella of Bluemoon Urban Homestead, Milwaukie, OR, picking up her Runner ducklings)

PS. to any fellow non-meaties, I am a life-long vegetarian, plus Chris and Mamo and others, who love our omnivorous friends, so you will be in good company if you come to have fun and support the cause, but do not want to partake in any meat - there will be lots of other delicious food and merriment : )

a colorful root veggie photo theme has emerged in this post tonight...... (photo on right from Stacey Givens of The Side Yard Farm) Much love to all of you!! Naomi

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Property Update + PARTY !

Coming very soon! We have received many copies of amazing letters from our customers to Les Schwab and customers also created a Friends of Naomi's Organic Farm Supply facebook page and see our facebook page for lots of fun photos of this spring. See the LAND link for more info. And this newsletter written by a neighboring business, Tom Dwyer Automotive - read the full article here!

- - - - -

And mark your calendar -
Saturday May 21st, 10am-5pm :

From Hip Happenings - Hip Happening and Naomi's Organic Farm have joined up for a PARTY! We are looking for craft, food, drinks, farm and other creative vendors. Bands, food, refreshments, face painting, and yes even goats, ducks and chickens!
The buzz has started from local businesses and the community... 2500 SE Tacoma St - in the HUGE parking lot overlooking the nursery, animals and gardens!

10 x 10 outdoor booth space available, sharing allowed. Smaller space or other ideas? Non-profit info booths / tabling welcome! Let us know. HURRY, deadline is next week. Be apart of this one! Contact : )

- - - - -

Oooo! and the first potluck of the yet to be named
'Women Farmers' of the metro area potluck was tonight at the Oregon City Grange Hall, so many great women and wonderful ideas. We will be working on a website to share more information, Kristin Pool is creating a listserv and we'll get everyone more connected to each other and future events and workshops.