Saturday, April 16, 2011

Potatoes, Tools & Ducklings!

More certified organic spotatoes in: Yukon Gem, All Reds, Yellow Finns and Russian Banana Fingerlings!

More Tools! More broadforks, soil blockers, Glaser Stirrup Hoes in 3.5", 5" and 7", Trapezoid Hoes, Narrow Collinear Hoes, more Earthway Seeders, Stockton Heath Digging Forks, Spears & Jackson Spades, Pruning Sharpeners, more Felcos, Diamond Sharpening Hones, Victorinox Knives and more. Enroute, lots of harvest knives, sheaths, grafting and budding knives, fruit harvest bags, axes, post-hole diggers for your fencing, cultivators and lots of other neat tools!

Plus lots of Chickes, including Egyptian Fayoumis! and we have 5 awesome Khaki Campbell Ducklings available - more on our Hens, Chicks + Ducks link

Photos of our shop hen Bumblefina soon.... with the little kitty, Fizz Gig........... ooo! and a Siskiyou Seed order just came in with corn and lots of other goodies

Rumors of the infamous sun visiting us this coming week? A bit of essential drying out of the soil is in the day and night dreams of many of us, especially market farmers. Rain, we love you too, we just need a little, very important break.