Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cooking Light, Beltaine + Tomatoes!

Sunday is May 1st, May Day & Beltaine! The sun is midway between spring equinox and summer solstice, a beautiful, fertile time and perhaps this year.... a 70 degree day.

Today looks like it might reach 60 and that's sweet, too. We do have our first herd of tomatoes in for you, strong and smelling of summer. We are keeping them under a low plastic hoop house at night and recommend you either keep them in a sunny south facing window, greenhouse or homehade cloche or greenhouse. We have 4 mil and 6 mil greenhouse plastic, 10' wide, that we custom cut by the foot for you. We also carry 9 gauge wire and custom cut to fit your beds. Last year with all the early bursts of sunny weather, we kept encouraging everyone to wait until the end of May to put tomatoes out unprotected and then it rained 3 more weeks in June after that. Under plastic will make a big difference with our cool nights and the rains that will still come, otherwise patience and experimenting in whatever ways are fun for you!

Floating row cover, also known as reemay or agribon, is also available in 6' or 7' widths, custom cut by the foot or by the roll, great for warming up soil for germination, and the growth of your spring crops. It lets light, air and rain in, while also keeping insect pests out, such as leaf miner and cabbage moths.

We're in a neat article about Portland's delicious, vibrant food scene this month. May issue of Cooking Light, there is an 11 page article, 'Portland's Food Rules, Forget NYC & LA: If you live in the rest of America, here's how a midsize city can become a big food town.' We are in the section about Portland's progressive livestock laws, No. 3 Farm Animals Are At Home Here. Along with the Mayor and the 600+ food carts this city allows to flourish, Stone Barn Brandyworks, whose fruit mash we compost here, the Portland Fruit Tree Project, SoupCycle, Tasty n Sons, Lost Arts Kitchen, Ned Ludd, Salt, Fire & Time, Portland Meat Collective, Josh Dodds of Velocifeed and many more!!

So many cute baby chicks here and our veggie starts, herbs, berries, kiwis, fruit & nut trees, ground covers, sedums, natives and dreamy annual and perennial flowers await you. Seeds stand by at attention to go home and snuggle into your soil. Mmm... the beauty of spring and of all your energy and enthusiasm. We adore you and thank you for keeping us so inspired to keep growing for you.