Wednesday, March 1, 2000


Orchard Mason Bees back late January to mid March 2012!

Bee Thinking, makes excellent Top Bar and Warre Hives they've designed and crafted from Western Red Cedar from the Pacific Northwest. They now have a bee keeping supply shop in Sellwood on SE Nehalem &13th St. in the neat barn building behind Grand Central Bakery, just opened this June 2011.  You can also order online whether you're local or anywhere in the world for pick-up or to have shipped to you.

We love Native Bees, Honey Bees and all the other pollinating insects, wooo hooo!!!

Two great books by the Xerces Society, Attracting Native Pollinators & Pollinator Conservation Handbook (and soooo many great resources for gardeners and farmers on their website). Plus Honey Bee books and Sherian Wright's Mason Bee Book with lots of great photos. More in the Bees Section, soon. And Ruhl Bee Supply is great for many bee-keeping supplies, too.

We also carry Phacelia, aka Bee's Friend or Bee's Bread (purple flower above on right, below is crimson clover as cover crop) in packet sizes, all the way up to 40lb bags and a wide variety of organic flower seeds, insectary blends and cover crop seeds, along with herbs and flowering perennials, including natives that are awesome for all sorts of bees and beneficial insects.