Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ducklings and Mason & Honey Bees

Our first Duck Pre-Order date is March 1st, see our Hens, Chicks + Ducks link for more info on ordering Khaki Campbells, Runner Ducks in a variety of colors and other breeds. Ducklings are amazingly cute creatures and really well-suited to laying lots of delicious eggs in our Pacific Northwest climate and boys are legal, because they're quiet..... ladies say, Quack! Quack!

Speaking of EGGS... I get to talk a lot about chickens' and ducks' egg laying and a little bit as it relates to human females. Women are born with around 1 million eggs and retain ~400 viable eggs, whereas a hen is said to have ~4,000 viable eggs. No one keeps us in a coop for gastronomical qualities of ours... thankfully..... Here is an interesting article that just came out in the New York Times about female egg laying: The Threatening Scent of a Fertile Women. The researchers findings are not anywhere near as threatening as the unfolding research about cellphones at our ears, though.

Our CALENDAR link is back in action, we add neat events related to farming and gardening each week : )

See GOATS link for two really cute female Nigerian Dwarf / La Mancha mix goats that are for sale from the Going Goaty Collective. Keep them purely as pets or breed them for excellent milk production.

We'll be hosting two super neat bee workshops here taught by Bee Thinking on Top Bar & Warre Hives: March 9th and March 23rd. See WORKSHOPS link to register online at their website for a discount and to guarantee your spot. Come learn the basics of honey bees and hive options & how to get started this year! Their blog is a real treat, too, lots of great information and photos.

We still have Mason Bees in stock and also the really neat book by local author Sherian Wright and hope to have a workshop with her this spring and also with Glen Andresen, awesome honeybee educator whose dreamy pure, raw honey we carry in the shop... from the Sonic Bloom Garden in NE Portland and the hives he keeps throughout the metro area. We'll add those to our workshop link when the dates are set.

Looking Glass Bookstore is sadly closing, due to the lease going above what they can afford. Support Karin and real live books you can smell, touch and read - 25% off. Please head over to 7983 SE 13th Ave in the Sellwood district of SE Portland at (between SE Nehalem & SE Miller St., next to Grand Central Bakery) Map it!

Beginning Urban Farmer Apprenticeship (BUFA) Program! "Multnomah County, in partnership with Oregon State University (OSU) Extension Service, is excited to announce the pilot year of the Beginning Urban Farmer Apprenticeship (BUFA) program. The program is an 8-month, season-long training for aspiring urban farmers and community land stewards. It is designed to give a new generation of beginning farmers the foundation they need to break into the field of sustainable small-scale, urban farming." See their website for all the details.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Baby Chicks + Seeds Saving and Permaculture Workshop

CHICKS are in! The peeping rainbow is back!!

List of breeds on our HENS, CHICKS + DUCKS link.

+ Feb 20th - Seed Saving & Permaculture Workshop, with Don Tipping of Siskiyou Seeds and Seven Seeds Farm, here ...at the shop 5 to 8pm, Register in advance, more details on our WORKSHOPS link.

Seeds from Siskiyou will be here later next week
, too.

+ March 10th - Hens 101: the Basics of a Backyard Flock - Wed, 6:30 - 8:30pm - Here, taught by Naomi + Register in advance online through the City of Portland's Urban Growth Bounty Series - just added! (the Feb 16th class is sold out)