Tuesday, January 4, 2011


We're back open, thanks for keeping us so busy this chilly morning! Balmy 40's coming.....
Just found out we're in the Oregonian's Favorite 100 in FOODDay, 'A melange of favorites' and feeling honored like a chef.

Some neat books just came back in and some new, including: Keeping Chickens, Canning & Preserving, Chick Days, The New Food Garden, Raising Dairy Goats and Sugar Snaps & Strawberries - check out this great review by local garden writer Kate Bryant on her Plantwise blog.

Baby Chicks land on February 14th for Valentine's Day and their new area is almost ready. We're also building a neat seed rack that will have all the veggies, herbs and flowers in alphabetical order... fresh seeds coming in a couple of weeks, yippee!

Yummy Organix and Ultramix Cat & Dog Food by Castor & Pollux are all on sale with great coupons, too.