Wednesday, January 26, 2011

February - Chick, goods and events!

(blog post in progress... photos and more to come)

Mason Bees are here! Dormant cocoons in cardboard tubes containing 12 to 18 bees. 3+ tubes will get you started. Come get them as early as you like and keep them cool and dormant, then put them out mid March. We'll have local author Sherian Wright's book soon, too, she may teach a class here and is teaching one for the Urban Growth Bounty workshop series. Two exciting books we love and have in from Xerces are: Pollinator Conservation Handbook and the new Attracting Native Pollinators, gorgeous, amazing, giving me palpitations.

Baby Chicks Arrive on FRIDAY, February 11th... peep peep peep! Ducklings, sign up for pre-orders.

First Chick Workshop here Feb 16th 6:30 - 8:30pm, taught by Naomi. More WORKSHOPS under the Tab above, including Advanced Chickenry, Goats and Mixed Livestock, register through the City of Portland's Urban Growth Bounty Series. Plus Organic Gardening, bees, worms and more being added for this spring. Oh! the latest is a Chicken Coop Design & Building class with Growing Gardens on May 28th 10 - 4pm, register in advance, last year's sold out quickly.

204 Varieties of SEEDS are in from Adaptive Seeds & Uprising Seeds, over 1,500 packets in stock. We'll have more from Siskiyou Seeds and Horizon Herbs and we're happy to take special requests.

We have 17 neat chicken book titles in stock and a few on ducks. There is a particularly neat chapter on ducks in The Resilient Gardener by Corvallis author Carol Deppe, which is back in stock and her book, Breeding Your Own Vegetable Varieties.

Sunny days and dormant oil spray is here, pre-bud break is ideal and we have two options that can be used later if you miss that window.

By popular demand, we will have volunteer garden days here on certain Wednesdays and Sundays, just email us with VOLUNTEER and your name in the subject line and any other ideas you have and we will be in touch with a schedule.

Home Orchard Society - the fabulous fruit scion has been handed from Karen Tillou (also of Flying Onion Farm & Clackamas Horticulture Program), to Monica Maggio, who has many exciting fruit events up her sleeves and has discovered that there is a nifty bus route to the Arboretum right outside of our shop Naomi's Organic Farm Supply to the HOS Arboretum at Clackamas Community College - Google Maps

February 8th - InFARMation at Holocene on Oregon Legislation 2011, learn about a number of bills in front of legislators this session that affect socially responsible farmers and ranchers

February 16th - Love Your Farmer Day at People's Coop, farmer's market 2 - 7pm, with a seed swap and a garden planning workshop with Rodney of Growing Gardens
+ Hens 101: The Basics of a Backyard Flock, here at our shop / Naomi's, 6:30 - 8:30pm

February 19th - Washington & Multnomah County 4-H Poultry Learning Day - new Multnomah club forming! At the Washington County Fairgrounds, Cloverleaf Bldg 1 - 4pm, Only $1 Admission. Contact Darsy with any questions: 503-648-0898

February 19 – 21 - Food Justice Conference the University of Oregon will host a free conference on food justice for scholars, policymakers, practitioners and activists. Free tickets to Dr. Vandana Shiva’s plenary are now available for those who reserve a ticket.

February 24 - more Vandana Shiva! Speaking at PCC, 10 to 11:30 a.m., in the Moriarty Auditorium, Cascade Campus, 705 N. Killingsworth St. The lecture is free and open to the public, Reserve ticket in advance