Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fall Planting & Cover Cropping!

Workshop this Sunday from 1 - 2pm with Ryan Hofrichter, $10

"There’s still time to squeeze a last round of greens into our gardens, and October is the month to plant garlic for harvest next summer! We also want to continue promoting the long-term fertility of our soil through the winter by befriending cover crops. While clover and rye may not be the first crops on your mind following fall harvests, these plantings can also provide the essential roles of smothering weeds, suppressing pests and disease, and protecting soil surface and structure. We’ll examine considerations when selecting a cover crop and discuss the practice of undersowing alongside other vegetables."

We've got lots of organic garlic and cover crops, fall/winter veggie starts, natives, sedums and fruit in and will have a wild amount of flower bulbs soon.... ooh la la. Sunshine!