Thursday, September 16, 2010

Garlic & Shallots!

SUPPORTLAND Cards are here + FREE!
You can get lots of goodies from local shops, by using it around town. We have a buy 10 Local Compost, Get 1 Free punch card and a $20 Hen Treats reward... bcaw!

ARLIC: as of Sept. 16th, 2010 = we'll keep updating this
OG California Early White
OG Dujansky
Chesnok Red - Greenthumb Garlic, on transitional organic land
Zemo - SOLD out - Greenthumb Garlic, on transitional organic land (might get more)
C Elephant Garlic

Coming Sept. 24th:
OG Music - Sacred Organics, Oregon Tilth
OG Korean Red - Sacred Organics, Oregon Tilth
OG Softneck Braiding Mix - Sacred Organics, Oregon Tilth

and more to be posted here

OG Dutch Yellow Shallots
OG French Red Shallots

Found Organic Austrian Winter Peas, freshly harvested, they're here! They were hard to find this year, so we stocked up and have a half ton. We also got more goodies, some for fall and some for next year including: Birdsfoot Trefoil (yay!), Daikon, Oilseed Radish, Rape/Canola, Sub Clover, Alfalfa, Hull-less Oats, Mustard Mix and an Organic Soil Builder Mix and a lot of inoculant for home gardens to multiple acres.

More Earthway seed and fertilizer spreaders, fruit pickers, pruning bags... lots of herbs and veggie starts.
Hay - trying some new bales that the goats are loving, a 'Candy Hay' of wheat, oats, barley and alfalfa with some partially formed seed heads, divine and a new Orchard/Timothy that can be used with non-milkers and milkers, green and yummy! The straw and hay container smells so good.

Puff approves of yummy organic tomatoes that Farmageddon just brought in...mmm, thank you! And the lovely raspberries and farmer's market photo are from Sarah & Neil's booth at People's Coop's year-round Wednesday farmer's market 2 - 7pm.

Queen of the Sun opens this Friday night, the 17th at 7:30pm - Hollywood Theater in NE Portland. We'll be there with raffle prizes, a booth, lots of other great people and organizations and the film is AWESOME.