Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bee's Friend & Nellie in Clover

a.k.a Phacelia... the first curling fiddlehead blooms opened up on Mother's Day (so sweet!) and after this week of sunshine, they're happily covered in bees and loving it. Nellie grazing the clover on the goats daily session on the far reaches of the property, seriously loving it. Last batch of super cute indian runner ducklings. Chickies here for two more weeks. Farmageddon Grower's Collective has a very yummy array of tomatoes starts here. An assortment of Rogue Hoes being made for us and super cool tools from Hida later in the month..... Here now are the Vashon Island Broadforks handmade by Meadow Creature! They have landed, specially priced at $25 off. Come and get 'em! Yee haw!

Ooooh!! also cool info on Farming & Gardening for Pollinators from the Xerces Society, including the book
Pollinator Conservation Handbook: A Guide to Understanding, Protecting and Providing Habitat for Native Pollinator Insects and other great pamphlets.