Thursday, April 29, 2010

Taming the Plastic Mountain + insect buddies + STRAW Bale Gardening!

the extension of our lease has renewed our excitement to keep cleaning up the property. taming the plastic mountain. lurking on the south side of the building... an ugly beast of the past nursery, we have been craving to remove. white truck in shining armor..arrives from Agri-Plas..comes to the recycling rescue, we thrillingly helped load. more photos here...

Neil, Naomi and two awesome drivers from Agri-Plas fill a 24' box truck with debris from the past nursery. it was completely thrilling.

Landing this week: Ladybugs, Praying Mantis, Green Lacewings and Beneficial Nematodes (how can you resist them?)
+plus another 20 pounds of worms by next week... wiggly buzz buzz

and a super neat Organic Straw Bale Gardening Workshop here on Saturday from 2 - 3pm with Randall Cass of Oregon Tilth - call or email us at the shop to register, drop-ins welcome, too! Info on the workshop on OT's Organic Education Center site.

sweet photo we just got of Lily holding Minnie and on the right of the Szymanczyk family's ladies: Hope, Gloria, Princess "Leia" (laya..), and Clarice in their beautiful coop. we're going start a photo album of people's chickies and ducklings growing up on our facebook site. you're welcome to email photos or bring in photos for our binders... for show and tell : )