Wednesday, April 7, 2010

beloved wormies have landed!

they are here!! the quietest livestock.

Waiting patiently to come eat all of your food scraps and make fertile castings for you. We got a small batch from a neighbor, 'micro brew' worm style, which had two kids enroute to be here at noon when they landed, it was awesome. We have 20 lbs left in stock, a big order that just arrived.

Give us a hoot ahead and we will pre-sort the amount you'd like, happy to do smaller quantities of quarter, half and full pounds to get you started in the most frugal wormy fashion.

12 more pallets of Teufels, Pyganic, lots of amendments and fertilizer, tools and of course delicious seeds, plant starts and adorable baby chicks + supplies. See a number of you at the upcoming Hen Keeping workshops Thurs & Sat. Goat workshop coming up on Sunday, the 18th at 4pm - call or email to register. Oh! We'll be on KBOO Monday at 10:15 with Riverhouse Farm. Thank you for being so wonderful!