Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Siskiyou Seeds are here!

Don Tipping of Siskiyou Seeds and Seven Seeds Farm in Williams, Oregon, just brought up their handmade rack stocked with seeds, including "Faro" Quinoa (see the article by Conner Voss in In Good Tilth!) and 5 other grains, we selected to compliment the varieties we have from Uprising Seeds. We've been ordering weekly from Uprising and have 500 more packets on order, coming this week... We've sold nearly a thousand of their seed packets since they brought their handmade rack with all the lovely photos of each plant in mid-January. Many organic small farm seeds from FEDCO and Lonesome Whistle have also found homes with you, too. We'd like to bring in Adaptive Seeds, too, and encourage you to check them out- UPDATE, order is in as of 3/12, seeds will be coming.. yay! And we have a mix of organic and local conventional cover crops seeds coming in next week, many varieties...!

Thank you so much for supporting organic, regionally farm grown seeds with so much joy. Your enthusiasm and support is incredible, we along with all of our vendors, have so much gratitude.