Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fruit Socks & Siskiyou Seeds !

from the Home Orchard Society are in, formerly known as nylon footies, both plain to protect against apple maggots and! socks lovingly hand-dipped in Surround kaolin clay by Ted Swensen - protect against apple maggots and codling moth in a deliciously organic way!

* * * HOS Fruit Propagation Fair a.k.a Scion Exchange is this Saturday, March 6th, at the Washington County Fairplex 10 - 4pm * * *

lots of new varieties of Uprising Seeds came in the mail today and we'll have Siskiyou Seeds next week, too! and oooooh! and Saturday, March 6th, is the Terra Nova Community Farm FUNdraiser in the Lola Room of the Crystal Ballroom - only $5, dance in support of a super neat CSA student farm, your body will love it.

: : Farmer-Chef Connection is this Monday, March 8th ! : :