Monday, February 22, 2010

Moon Shark

has landed. He is a boer goat, born last spring and rejected by his mother. The farmers bottle-fed him and worked on giving him special care. He'll be 1 year old this spring and the herd became too aggressive for him. They brought him here so he can get lots of love, visits and hikes. Some of you might remember hearing about Muddles... this is him, now Moon Shark. Nellie and Sebastian have been very sweet and Sebastian in particular has very gently been teaching him how to play. They all love eating the christmas tree, fruit twigs and snuggling in the sun.

The Diggin' Roots Farm greenhouse here is growing delicious starts! They will be available starting in early March. Photo of Conner, Sarah and Jordan building the greenhouse in January. Wooo hooo!!!

SEED NOTES: Uprising Seeds - more coming in Tuesday, these are very well-loved! FEDCO is in, lots of flowers, herbs, greens and other unique organic seeds. Lonesome Whistle rack from Eugene is here with lovely bean seeds and other goodies. Dreaming of bringing in yummy heirloom seeds from Adaptive Seeds in Lebanon, OR - their tomato varieties are amazing. And Siskiyou Seeds just finished their catalogue and we'll have seeds complimenting the rest of the seed posse in March.

BOOKS: the herd is growing..... you're welcome to come take a gander.