Friday, February 26, 2010


Terra Farma just brought in a stack of books to kick start our future lending library! They are also looking for a farm worker as the neat farmer they hired on had to head home for a family emergency. They have hens, vegetables and dairy goats in Corbett, just 20 miles east of Portland.

Master Gardener Pam Garten, who writes the garden column for Growing Gardens, has offered to help us set up the lending library as we get more books in. Let us know if you want to contribute.

Organic liquid fish & kelp fertilizer from Eco-Nutrients just landed, along with other treats. Trees have been moving out pretty fast, but there are still a number of beautiful ones here lookin' for a good hole in the dirt. Chicks peep and I'll see some of you in Corvallis tomorrow at OSU's Small Farm Conference & those coming in tomorrow will see Neil, Mary, Jon, Billy and Erika in the shop : )

Sunday hours start next weekend and maybe there will be some hoopla?

Dirt dreamin',

ps. photos and writings from our friend Mitch Snyder who was out taking photographs here Thursday. Photographer Eric Griswold was here, too. Thanks guys!

pps. Workshop!
March 13th - Organic Soils & Compost by Naomi for METRO 12 - 1pm
FREE, register online! - here at the shop