Thursday, January 28, 2010


Organic Straw is in and we will also have organic Alfalfa, Orchard Grass & Timothy Hay soon, all Oregon grown and certified. The organic feeds from In Season Farms are here. All will be added to the catalog. Chicken feeders, waterers and accoutrement are also in stock!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Seed Fever, Master Gardeners and Chicks

15 points in this post...


Uprising Seeds are here! Crystine, Brian and their son Rowan delivered them on Monday. They are wonderful farmers and provide a network of other growers' seed from Oregon, Washington and Idaho, too. All Certified Organic, 100% Open Pollinated with many Heirlooms.

It is hard to take my eyes off the seed packets, all of their potential and an urge to be outside sowing. It is a fever. It's still January. It has taken hold and I know I am not alone. The catalog descriptions are great. The one they wrote for Phacelia 'Bee's Friend' is awesome and may need to typed here later... There is more in the SEEDS link above, too.

- - - - -

I'm back in the shop after teaching the Organic Gardening section for the Master Gardener classes in Portland, Beaverton and Oregon City last week.

I am off to a short garden talk with the Eastmoreland II Garden Club this morning, back soon with lots more to write about WSDA's Organic Food Program, Metro Urban & Rural Reserves, our $20 tree sale, Diggin' Roots Farm greenhouse update, Naomi's Mineral Mix, Stabilized Rice Bran, local Linseed & Canola Meals both non-gmo, Your Backyard Farmer, Workshops coming here this spring and... there may be more rolling around in my mind.. back in a bit!
(From early November, Neil's first sketch of our future hen riding goat logo...)

- - - - - (post continues on 1/21/10) - - - - -
- We just got written up in the Sustainable Life section of the Tribune's Clackamas Review!

We were just out removing lots of plastic nursery debris by the wetland today. Making berms along the fence with dirt from the dead plants in the sunshine. Flowers and cover crops making their way into it all soon. It is a beautiful property and definitely lovable.

3) CHICKS: We're working with C & L Hatchery in Oregon City. Starting mid February, we will have weekly batches of 4 breeds. The first week will include:

- Ameraucanas
- Australorps
- Barred Rocks - alternating with Cukoo Marans as available
- Golden Sexlinks - Cross of a Rhode Island Red rooster & Delaware hen

We may also have chicks from the following breeders as available:
Thist Old Farm - Black Frizzles, Blue Polish, White Silkies (see photo above)
The Domestic Coop - Welsummers & Salmon Faverolles
Applebright Farm - Banty Cochins

We're really excited to be working with local breeders. Contact us if you'd like to reserve chicks in advance. (photo of a Black Frizzle Bantam, Ameraucana and Barred Rock by Mitchell Snyder)

4) FEED - Organic Layer, Goat, Grains and lots more:

- from In Season Farms in Abbottsford, BC, we are bringing in their Organic Layer Mash 16%. This recipe does include soy and corn, they're also working on a recipe which substitutes those with linseed and canola instead, like the Q-Bar's Local Layer Mash. We will also have 3 grain scratch, rolled oats, yellow peas, dairy goat feed and chick starter - all certified organic.

- Sarah and Conner's greenhouse is going up! They've sourced all organic seeds for the vegetable, herb, flower and strawberry starts they are growing on site here. More photos and plant info will be in the PLANTS link above.

- Donna and Robyn will be growing a demonstration garden here. The ground is mysterious and the known lease we have is short. We're honored they're excited to grow here. We'll also be working on demonstration worm bins, workshops, irrigation and pH testing.

- This year's update - we are almost done with our Oregon Department of Agriculture and WSDA Organic Food Program registrations. We will be continuing the all prilled mix that is a lovely cream and green, due to the greensand joining the other prills of azomite, glacial rock, soft rock phosphate and limestone. Very nice to work with. As soon as we're registered, we will be making new batches in 5, 25 and 50 lb sizes. We have a list of pre-orders, contact us and we'll add you.

- Thanks to all of you who participated in Metro's open comment period, took the online survey and testified. We hope the Malinowski Farm, which includes the Farmageddon Grower's Collective and provides affordable land for other farmers are protected, along with other vital rural reserves, so that we have the farmland and wilderness areas for a vital ecosystem for the suburban and urban eaters. (Malinowski's land to the right and the Metro map of section 9 is below)

- It was really neat to teach the Organic Gardening section last week. It's inspiring to have met so many of you who are irresistibly growing plants and hope you were entertained with good information. I won't be there in February to teach Vegetable Gardening, as the shop has been really busy. You're welcome to call or email if you'd like to chat or have any questions about books, resources, pollinators, soil test and fertility questions... so many neat things.

- We've rounded up the trees on the property. Many are big and need to go in the ground. There is a more detailed post on Craigslist, you can also call and ask for Neil, he is the tree herder.

- Take action here !!!

- In stock for those of you making your own horse feed. And also:

- We have locally grown and cold pressed Linseed and Canola Meal in pellet form. Linseed is cold-pressed from Flax seeds and not genetically modified at this time. This Canola is specifically non-gmo and the plant in Rickreall only presses from non-gmo seeds. Yay!! Popular for making your own horse, goat and chicken feeds as well as great fertilizer. Plants growing more plants...

- Binders with lots of great info from Ted Swensen will be coming to our resource materials & library area. He has a LOT of great information to share. He is also working on a really neat project of identifying fruit tree pests and diseases and the easiest organic preventative and treatment. We will work on sourcing and providing what he comes up with. First up are their nylon fruit footies and kaolin clay for preventing apple maggots and codling moth. Available here soon!

- More status updates soon.

- Lots coming up, we'll need to make a link soon...

Thank you to everyone who has already found us, come by to visit and pick up what they need!

Monday, January 18, 2010

People's Haiti Benefit

People's Food Co-op is donating 5% of sales to Partners in Health for Haiti !
PIH has "been working on the ground with Haiti since 1985 delivering community based health care to low income families and individuals. Their work is dedicated and extensive making us confident that this is reputible organization that represents our values and will use our donation to the better the largest good. Please check them out to learn how great they are:" It's a good sunny day to go stock up and support.