Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Small Farmer's Journal + Freedom TV

The most recent Small Farmer's Journal issue just landed, 'Fall 2009' with a warm caramel brown bull gazing softly at you... Articles to tuck in a cozy chair with: 'wild chill dill,' Cindy's Curds and Whey, Maintaining Biodiversity, Food Safety From The Ground Up, Apprenticeships and Cultivating The Market Garden With A Single Horse.

Freedom TV with Renee Kimball, just invited us to be on their public access show this past Sunday to talk about organic soil amendments and hens. It will re-air tonight, Wednesday 12/23 at 1pm on Ch. 22 and Friday 12/25 at 6pm on Ch. 23.

The Domestic Coop, was just in buying ingredients for their own feed blend. Tamsen Polley breeds beautiful Salmon Faverolles and Welsummers. She'll be posting a lot more photos of her birds this winter. This is Louie and his girlfriend Marie.