Saturday, December 5, 2009

Mid-December Update

PRODUCTS: The warehouse and all our outdoor covered spaces are stocked with over 75 pallets containing over 325 different items, including potting soil, compost, mulch, perlite, pumice, worm castings, organic fertilizer, soil amendments, feed, salt, bird seed, straw, hay and more. We will have a full catalog online in pdf form, please call or email for pricing in the meantime.

We are working with ODA's Feed & Fertilizer Departments to properly bag smaller sizes, so that we can continue to bring you many of your favorites, in sizes ranging from 1 lb to 50 lbs, on up to multiple pallets. Our scale is registered and rarin' to go.

BOOKS: Our first big book order is migrating west from Chelsea Green in Maine, to land here on Tuesday, December 15th.... lots of wonderful winter reading : ) We're also working on our lending library with farm & garden books & dvds. We're interested in any items you'd like to lend to the library, and your ideas.

GOATS: Soon to be joining our herd, Nellie and Sebastian with me and Anna in the spring. Neil is working on finishing their barn by the end of the month... it has a roof, floor, sleeping caboose, nest boxes and is all pink primer right now and will be red and brown, with a bit of pink. The ladies are still in the Temporary Bunker Coop and like their midday refresher of warm water from the tea pot and a seed snack.

We may adopt a couple of pygoras from Applebright Farm to live here with Anna's (see the kids to the right). Muddles, the sweet bottle-fed boer goat whose photos we had up, will be staying on with his people at Brookside Farm. Mona, the Mini Lamancha from Going Goaty moved into the neighborhood around 50th and Division and is being bred by her new owner.

OSU Small Farms Newsletter, Dairy Goat Journal and Backyard Poultry for some good winter reading. Sheep theme anyone?

edible PORTLAND Winter 2010 issues are here! There's a great article about the Coffee Creek Garden project that I helped out with soil test analysis and amendment donations this spring. The Lettuce Grow Garden Foundation will be moving on to start gardens in other prisons in Oregon. Debbie Rutt and Sherrie Barger will be staying on to support the plants and women of Coffee Creek and we are helping by collecting donations for them this winter by cash, check (to 'Coffee Creek Garden Fund') and credit, to use in any way they need this spring. They are working on a website for the garden. *The ad in Edible has our old phone and address as it went to press before our new lease; mail will forward, but please note our new phone number and address above. (photo of inmate Wanda Taylor and volunteer Debbie Rutt in the foreground, photo by John Valls)

We are also collecting donations for Multnomah County CROPS Farm, who we helped in a similar way this spring and Farmer Dan Bravin and his crew and volunteers also had an awesome first growing season. (beet and turnip photo)

HENS: Three hens are legal in Gresham! We heard from Tina Osterink with Natural Resources Planning of Gresham at the Sellwood / Moreland neighborhood SMILE meeting earlier this month - serious matters, very charming people. (photo by Hen Power)

Reminds me of this trailer I've been meaning to post... The Chicken Revolution: The Struggle to Legalize Urban Hen-Keeping in Salem, OR - a documentary by Barbara Palermo..... may it brighten your chilly weekend.

I will be teaching workshops for Urban Growth Bounty and PCC this spring and hosting more at our shop. We'll add the dates to our online calendar.

Start making plans in your 2010 Zenger Farm: Eastside Egg Cooperative Calendar! Proceeds benefit Zenger Farm. Can you resist these ladies?

THANK YOU! We would like to thank all of the neighbors and friends who have been coming by with so much kindness and excitement. Your support is amazing. We are grateful to be in this neighborhood on this particular piece of ground, getting to meet all of you.

We also want to thank our vendors for helping us build up our inventory and expand our product line.

Special thanks to:

- Cara Nolan with Capacity Commercial, our realtor, who worked very hard for us since late May with very unique parameters and strongly believed in finding us the right place.
- Les Schwab, for reading our two page love letter about this site and giving us the opportunity to be here and lease it while they explore their possibilities.
- Our attorney, Scott Caplan and our Accountant, Ed Culp, both have helped us quickly and smoothly sort out all the details of becoming a family owned company.
- Sky Wolfe, our agent with Gales Creek Insurance, he was referred to us by Oregon Tilth and put together a great package to cover all of our insurance needs from worker's comp to property coverage.
- All of our friends who have helped with moving, building projects, beginning the garden, visiting with treats, talking us off ledges and providing encouragement. We could not be on this journey without you.