Monday, March 20, 2000

*Updated Fall of 2009 *
Here's a bit on our history:

Some of you may recognize us from, Concentrates, Inc., which is primarily a wholesale company selling to stores and manufacturers. During the past two years, with Naomi's care and your enthusiasm, the much smaller retail farm, garden and landscape side of the business grew to the point where it became challenging to successfully run both sides effectively. There weren't enough of us to help everyone and while the hours of 8:00 - 5:30, M-F, are great for wholesale, many customers dreamed of a weekend option. In addition, many farmers and gardeners appreciate a variety of sizes and wanted additional products: locally grown seeds, books, hand tools, straw, hay, mushroom compost, bark mulch, plant starts, worms and workshops. The retail items we could sell were limited to items that could be wholesaled to other stores and manufacturers.

The 8th Avenue site is up for sale and there was a serious buyer. Concentrates, Inc. was going to move out to the Clackamas area and focus solely on wholesale/distribution, while Naomi would create a separate farm & garden company with her family and find a location in Portland (the search started in late May 2009). Many of you know her mom Mary and got to know her husband Neil there. At first the shop was going to also be called Concentrates 'NW' or 'Organic Farm Supply', but we all later realized that having two companies with almost identical names would be confusing to both customers and vendors. The idea of using Naomi's name for the retail came from many customers who said that would be the unique way for people to recognize us.

The expected sale of the 8th Avenue site fell out of escrow after we had signed the lease on our new location on Tacoma St. Concentrates is able to stay at their current location and may continue to sell retail.

We are here in Sellwood as a separate family-owned shop. You will find our motley jungle of houseplants, colorful shelves and funny decorations have moved south a few miles. The earthen floor we put in with Sukita of From These Hands this spring, was not moveable... but if we can stay here long term, there will definitely be earthen / cob building projects! Our hens and garden are migrating south from our yard on N. Williams and Shaver (Hens for Obama...) to nestle in at the new shop. There's nothing better than being surrounded by plants, critters and people you love on a daily basis. We are very grateful and so happy to see you!