Thursday, December 31, 2009

GOATS ARE THE NEW CHICKENS - Willamette Week for 2010 predictions...

(left photo from article, right Nellie and Sebastian's first snow walk)

Thanks to Michelle at Pistil's for referring the reporter to me, who I then referred a bunch of goatie people for him to call. No idea it was about the 2010 prediction for goats to overtake Portland.

Speakin' of goaties... Neil drew our logo and started a drawing with the hen he made, riding a goat.. maybe we have to finish that. Maybe the hen is lonely.

Nellie and Sebastian have landed. They are ridiculously cute and we can see each other in the shop. The hens were aloof for a day, and now are friendly. Woodchips landed this morning for the pen and we put up the roof from our greenhouse to provide a nice dry area off the barn to scratch around in.

Tea breaks on the bench in the little barn, with the rain pitter patter on the roof, furry goats nuzzling, hens on adventure and the comforting smell of alfalfa. Happy new year!