Friday, December 18, 2009

BOOKS! plus Urban Growth Bounty and Holiday Hours

The books are here!!! Neil finished making the first bookshelf Monday night with more of our salvaged materials, in time for the books landing by UPS Tuesday. It was very fun to unpack and sort them... We will make a BOOK link above so you can see the titles we've got in stock on gardening, cooking, permaculture, farming, compost & vermiculture, natural building and great narratives to curl up with. If you're looking for a book for your garden, cooking or farm book club, we can order them for you at a discount.

Most recent mind-boggling human power discount at the new shop:

1 Pine Shaving Bale in a standard messenger bag. Wow.

HORSES: We have Equis frequent buyer horse cards buy 10 and get one free. Golden Senior in stock and any other Equis or Triple Crown horse feed, just order by Friday and we'll have it the following Wednesday. If you are interested in Equis Organic, please let us know as they are waiting on enough interest before producing the feed. Equi-Lux Horse feeds, treats by Haystack Farms, C.O.B., Rice Bran and a variety of Timothy and Alfalfa Hay & Cubes.

Horses, Chickens & Fertilizer: Oregon Grown, non-gmo, cold-pressed Canola Meal and Linseed Meal (flax) coming in soon AND Oregon Grown, Certified Organic Soybean Meal !!! Organic Alfalfa Pellets and Cracked Corn are in and we're sourcing other grains. North Dakota Linseed Meal in stock now and regular Oregon and Washington grown Barley, Wheat, Oats. Round Butte's great Black Oil Sunflower Seeds. Yeast: Brewer's and Diamond V XP and XPC. Great for making your own feed and scratch. Vita Royal equine supplement packs in the new year.

Tour de Coop 2009 t-shirts are on sale for $7, all proceeds benefit Growing Gardens and chicken shirts by Independence Gardens, too. Gift Cards available and you can pay by phone and get them by mail or stop in.

URBAN GROWTH BOUNTY: Upcoming 2010 Classes are online and facebook. "You’ll find more vegetable production classes, advanced chicken and bee sessions and a cornucopia of cooking courses. This year’s Bounty adds great instructors, new venues, and a wealth of information to help you grow and enjoy food that’s good for you and the planet. " Register online with the City of Portland, at each class link.
I am teaching a Chickens 101 and an Advanced 201 with Lisa Ewing from the Avian Medical Center. Also, two sessions of Organic Amendments, Fertilizer and Cover Crops classes. More chicken workshops for PCC this spring, too.

*** REVISED ***
Holiday Hours: We will be closed Christmas Eve through Monday, January 4th, opening back up Tuesday, January 5th. Getting a few extra days of projects, organizing and ordering in so we are all ready for you in the new year! If you ever have a feed emergency during the holidays, please email us and we will try to help. We hope you have a wonderful Solstice, the days are about to start yawning and stretching back out! : )