Saturday, September 12, 2009

Gresham may reconsider rule against backyard chickens

"Bev Stout shares a glass of wine with her chicken, Baby Girl, in front of her Gresham home. The city is reconsidering its restrictions on owning chickens."

Read the Oregonian article, by James Mayer, which also talks about Rules for Milwaukie and the new allowance in Forest Grove. Hillsboro sounds like it's in the works. Beaverton allows as "household pets" - I spoke about chicken keeping at their farmer's market this summer and it sounds like there are a good amount of hens in unincoporated areas and a lot of interest in Beaverton proper.

Another recent chicken article describes our home coop and garden during Tour de Coops and the author, Ryan Kost, interviewed one of our customers that day, who is also named Naomi... her friend Barb did get chicks and was just in for feed a couple weeks ago! In Portland, Urban Chickens Are Old Hat: Urban chicken keeping has found its place and a passionate following
(Neil showing eggs in the nest boxes during the Tour)