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* * * Updated August 2nd, 2011 * * *

We are searching for a new site and going MOBILE in the meantime with deliveries, drop-sites and farmer's markets.

Our lease was extended through June 30th, 2011, with July 31st to move out, contingent on construction schedule. The building was demolished on July 8th with one week's notice and we moved the gardens and product throughout July. Plants, animals, people and goods are secure and happy. We had a celebration campfire on the evening of July 31st to say goodbye to the land and honor all the great times we had getting to know each other there and to let it go and bring this great energy to new adventures. More in the PRESS section of our website and on the blog.

We are now set with a warehouse to receive and deliver from and are lining up locations and days to supply you from : )

- - - PAST - - -

Our current lease ends May 31st, 2011 > > > Read this article <<<

Here is an ad that our neighbor, Tom Dwyer Automotive, placed in the May issue of the Sellwood Bee newspaper, along with this Letter to the Editor:

Re: Naomi's Organic Garden Supply, May 2011

In 2009, Les Schwab Tires bought part of the property at the corner of Tacoma
and McLoughlin, the previous home of Kasch Garden Centers. Since then, they’ve
leased part of their property to Naomi’s Organic Farm Supply while they decide
whether to buy and how to develop the rest. Naomi’s lease ends on May 31,
and Les Schwab faces the decision whether to continue renting to Naomi's or to develop the entire area into a Les Schwab store.

Les Schwab Tires is a strong Oregon company that will be a good neighbor to all of us in Sellwood. They've been very generous in renting to Naomi’s so far, and they wouldn’t be doing anything illegal or immoral if they decided to stop. But we, and many other Sellwood neighbors, would hate to see Naomi’s leave. Naomi's is an independent business that employs ten people in the area, and with only a two-year track record they've already built a strong business serving organic farming needs in an urban area. A move now, as they're gaining the clientele and experience they need to thrive, could be devastating. As a company that can trace its roots back to a single tire store in Prineville, Oregon, Les Schwab should be particularly sympathetic to their situation. We hope that they, like us, would like to see Naomi's continue where they are and watch what happens as they

If there are other Sellwood neighbors who would like to see Naomi’s Organic Farm Supply stay in their current location, we'd like to encourage them to call, write, email, or just go by a local Les Schwab Tires and ask them to continue renting to Naomi’s. Les Schwab is famous for the way they listen to their customers, and we hope they listen to all of us on this issue.

Tom Dwyer
Tom Dwyer Automotive Services

We have received many copies of amazing letters from our customers to Les Schwab and customers also created a Friends of Naomi's Organic Farm Supply facebook page.

We got the keys to the property on Halloween Weekend of 2009 and it was indeed... spooktacular and to us, wonderful. We are very grateful to our landlord Les Schwab for leasing this site to us.

We are in the process of trying to purchase the land so we can grow with you and be here permanently.

In 2011, we created a new expanded baby chick area in the shop and more chick and pullet room using modular portions of the pallet racking in our feed warehouse in back. We built a wall to expand and organize awesome seeds for you and our plant selection has grown to meet your dreams. Many more fun things you'll love. More photos of 2011 here soon and also check out our photos on facebook for lots more photos! Thank you for inspiring us to keep busy creating a neat spot... ♥

Here are slide shows of our first year in 2010. Click each slide show if you'd like to open up in a bigger window : )

BEFORE: Outside 2009

AFTER: Outside 2009 - 2010 (photos from 2011 to come!)

BEFORE: Inside 2009

AFTER: Inside 2009 - 2010 (photos from 2011 to come!)
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