Monday, December 22, 2008


The shop is closed today and for the holidays on Thursday and Friday. I'll keep you posted here on whether we'll be open Tuesday - YES or Wednesday. The snow continues to fall heavily here. At home we've been helping neighbors shovel out and get chains on their tires. A number of people cross-country skiing down the street. We pulled a little antique sled to our friends for solstice dinner last night. The snow is 8" plus in the chicken run and they have ventured out a few times and Banti flies the straight stretches over the snow, which looks pretty wild...

Thinking about warm ocean currents... Sooner than we realize, with the daylight lengthening, we'll all be starting seeds again. In the meantime, reports say this is the biggest December snowstorm in 40 years, currently at 11-13" downtown. The snowiest month on record looks like January of 1890 at 35.3" !

* From the Oregonian "Chilly chickens may need heater" - with tips from Lisa Ewing at the Avian Medical Center *