Wednesday, July 23, 2008

TOUR DE COOPS + Workshops, Job listings, wood chips and new Organic Gardening Certification !

Tour de Coops is this Saturday, July 26th from 11 - 3pm

All the info you need can be found at Growing Gardens website!



Here is a link to the latest Summer 2008 OSU Small Farms Newsletter - Page 9 has a good article on poultry digestion for birds on pasture, by James Hermes, the OSU Poultry Specialist. Though chickens may enjoy eating grass, they get almost no nutrition from it, but instead from the yummy seeds and insects they find, in addition to their feed.

Lots of other neat articles in the issue, including one about Blue Fox Farm - Chris and Melanie write a really informative blog. Blue Fox is also featured with other younger farmers in an article in OSU's Oregon's Agricultural Progress research magazine. You can enter your email for each of these online magazines for free subscription.

Barred Rock hen photo is from Plate & Pitchfork, which hosts delicious dinners at local farms, with food from the farm cooked by local chefs and wine from nearby vineyards. They were sold out, but it looks like have some tickets available!



* Maintaining a Healthy Summer Garden with Kathy Dang from Oregon Tilth this Thursday the 24th at Luscher Farm from 6 - 8pm! The cost is $20. Call 503-779-4631 or 503-675-2549.

She's also teaching a Growing Veggies Year Round class on August 21st. She writes the great Yard and Garden
column for In Good Tilth magazine - we still have some copies of the current issue, free here at the shop.

* Durable Food System Boot Camp in Forest Grove. Sunday, July 27th. Learn skills to build a locally based food system at neighborhood and small community levels. The cost is $30. Email Charlene Murdock, nanacardoon - at -

* BEES: The Other Way at Friendly Haven Rise Farm in Battle Ground, WA. Sunday, August 3rd from 10 - 4pm. Check out Jacquelin's website for lots of wonderful info about what this workshop covers!



> Fresh Earth Gardens in LaCenter, WA is a year-round farm looking for an apprentice and also has openings for temporary farm work. There may be a possibility of camping during short stints, working on specific projects. Contact David at freshearthgardens - at -

> New Day School is looking for a Permaculture Gardener.
The job includes gardening (veggies, herbs, flowers, fruit trees, shrubs), maintenance of the entire grounds, and conducting garden class once a week to 4 classrooms of pre-schoolers and kindergartens. Please send your resume and a cover letter about yourself to: New Day School, 1825 SE Clinton St., Portland, OR 97202

If you are in need of farm, landscape or other related help that you would like me to post here, just send me an email.

* * * WOOD CHIPS ! I love using wood chips in our chicken coop and run and have been recommending them to all of you.

PGE can deliver free wood chips if you are in their service area. Just call their Forestry/Landscaping Dept at 503-736-5460.

I just spoke with Pacific Power and you can put in a Work Request for free wood chips, which they will deliver when they're working in your neighborhood. Call 888-221-7070. Here are the buttons to press: 1, then 3, then 3 again, Enter your Account # and when you get to a person, ask to place a "Work Order for Wood Chips" and they will call you in the future when they can deliver.

They are going to check with their Forestry department to see if there is a location where you could pick some up, too. If you have any other sources of wood chips, please let me know.

Zulu Prince Daisy hopes you are having a lovely summer : )

See you soon!

* *
* Ohhh! Hot off the press is the info about OSU and Oregon Tilth's first ever Organic Gardening Certificate program! * * *