Thursday, May 15, 2008

Scrumptiously hot sunshine arrives...

It is sunny and forecasted to reach 85 degrees today and climb into the mid 90's tomorrow, and in the 80's through the weekend!

Peonies are blooming at the Portland Chinese Garden and rhododendrons are super happy over at Crystal Springs. Hands trapped in workplaces right now (mine for example at this keyboard...) are eager to go home, plant, weed, water little seedlings.. ride bicycles, hike, cook out, lay in the garden under warm skies...

Any animals you have will be really grateful for lots of nice cool water and extra shade.

For your chickens, the ladies can drink 4 to 5 times as much water than the food they eat each day when it is warm out. They become very physically stressed and in danger if they run out of water. Make sure they have lots of cool, clean water at all times. They may pant a bit in the heat, so also make sure they have lots of shade. Growing annuals around your coop and run if you have one, is great and you can make an impromptu shade fort with a board, cardboard or fabric, too.

If you've got a worm herd, make sure to water them, too and keep them cool as they need to stay below the mid 80's and should not go over the mid 90's or you may bake them. The north side of your house or shed is often a great spot to locate them for summer.

There is a lot going on this weekend! We've got a booth at the Greener Homes & Gardens show at the Portland Expo this weekend. There are a lot of neat workshops going on both days. I'm doing a worm composting workshop on Sunday at 11am. But! with this really scrumptious weather coming up, I am not sure how many of you I will see indoors this weekend... and there are a lot of other neat things going on, too.

There is the 4th Annual Brooklyn Neighborhood Plant Swap going on Sunday from 10am - 2pm. It is held by the nice humans of our favorite dog, Merle. Meet nice people, swap plants, seeds, books, tools, fall in love with Merle... They'll have coffee and other treats, too.

Up in the north, the Alberta Coop is also having a swap event during the 9th Annual Art Hop. The Gathering of Gardeners group will be hosting a Community Fair & Trade Market for homegrown and handmade goods.

And if you're doing the Reach the Beach ride, you may see Tiny, who is volunteering as a motorcycle escort on Saturday! He'll be there carrying water, tools and first aid supplies to help with any emergencies & provide moral support and cheerleading : )

Oh! And the Village Building Convergence is coming up May 23rd through June 1st - so many great workshops on many gardening and permaculture topics; beekeeping, goat tending, bioswales, rocket stoves, rain barrels, native plants, chickens, mulching and much more !! Also, neat neighborhood and natural building projects.

Okay, I hope you enjoy and have a wonderful weekend. See you soon! Naomi