Monday, February 25, 2008

Happy February

Hi there! This little calf named Cupid, wishes you a lovely Valentines. He is wooing everyone at the Farm Sanctuary in CA, here's the story about this cute little guy. (our mama dairy cow has also been decked out for the season)

Time has snuck by since I started this post. Between all kinds of neat conferences and educational events, the shop has also been really busy. We had one record setting day this month, where 146,000 lbs of goods left our warehouse and what felt like an almost equal number were delivered.

We are very happy to have a new addition to our warehouse, Kyle, who you may have met already. He has a lot of organic farming experience and a good deal of livestock and houseplant information, too.

We're also almost done with our counter which will have two computers for us to ring you up on. Nifty bar stools are on their way here that I ordered through Chairs Inc. over on 18th and Burnside. I think you will like... and it will be nice to help a bit faster if you're on your lunch break, while also providing a good spot for chatting when there's time : )

Commuting fully by bicycle now (encouraged by our pickup being totaled by a semi), I really enjoy the daylight lengthening and in about two weeks we spring forward on March 9th. In the Portland area we've also had a long stretch of sunny, warm days in the 50's know a lot of you have been outside working and playing with the animals, birds and in the dirt.

And speaking of bicycles!! * * * We've just started a new discount of 10% for anyone who comes in and transports their goods by bicycle or other human-powered transportation. * * *

Bicycle Transportation Alliance and the Willamette Pedestrian Coalition

Our first discount went to someone who used a combination of walking and bus to come by for their 50 lb sack of organic layer feed.
It turns out I met him a while back out by our chickens in North Portland and now they have a few of their own.

Speaking of which, here are a couple of my hens, PJ and Mayhem, in their nest boxes hatching eggs. When not laying, they cheer on the humans cycling and walking on N. Williams Avenue...

Okay, a couple other notes are that the Michael Pollan talk at the Bagdad Theater was great - really entertaining, funny, lots of great questions from the audience.
I also have a lot to share about the Horticulture and Tilth events in January and I was just at a three day animal nutrition conference in Hood River, so there will be more soon!

Right now, the sun is golden and setting and my hens are excavating a hole with much seriousness, scratching for buried treasure. Excited to see you all soon and hear how you're doing! - Naomi