Monday, December 17, 2007

Soils and Sustainability Workshop + Tilth Conference

I am attending this workshop presented by Oregon Tilth and taught by Neal Kinsey on applying the principles and methods developed by Prof. William Albrecht to build, balance and maintain excellent soil fertility. We are also one of the sponsors.

The dates are January 21 - 23, 2008 in Salem, the registration deadline is January 15th. I am very eager to attend this and look forward to having information from this to share with you!

Also the Oregon Tilth Winter Conference 2008 -
Organic Integrity: Principles, Practices and Opportunities is January 18 - 19 also in Salem, deadline for registration is the 4th and I hope to see a lot of you there.
- Naomi

Friday, December 14, 2007

Holiday Hours

We will be closed the 24th and 25th, back OPEN on Wednesday, the 26th.

Mama Kitty has meowed of heading to the Bahamas for the four day weekend
and promised to be back by 8am on Wednesday to help open the shop. Cats don't drink mojitos or get tan, right?

Hope you have a cozy holiday with friends and family!

Monday, December 10, 2007

December Sprucing Update

The main room of our shop / office is really coming along. We've scrubbed down all the walls and painted them cream with recycled paint from MetroPaint on Swan Island, they have a wide variety of interior and exterior paint which they recycle in 300 gallon batches and sell by 1 gallon and 5 gallon pails. I won a gift certificate for it at a Silent Auction benefiting the Johnson Creek Watershed Council, which we'd also donated products to. They have a good Ten Things You Can Do list. We got the white, red and assorted paint for the window and door trim from our local branch of Miller Paint.

We also have a big lush cymbidium, a cool-growing orchid that one of our regular customers brought in to overwinter with us. It just sent up flower spikes and it will be really cool to see if it actually blooms, if it likes our conditions... (photo is an example). It's definitely in a pretty, but drafty spot by the door to the warehouse right now. Further suggestions on care are welcome.

I also rounded up some plants from a few of our favorite plant stores: Pistils, Buffalo Gardens and Garden Fever. They are happily adorning the big south facing windows. We are getting a shipment of pumice in soon, which I'm going to use in a mix I'm making to pot a number of them up.

Our other exciting news is that our awesome delivery driver Dale, is building a counter for us. He recently made the curved window ledge extensions that allow for lots of plants and the new counter is well under way. I found some nice silvery wood boards for the siding at the Rebuilding Center and I'm still working on the design for the top. We will be hunting down 4 'bar' stools soon and Bill and I are going to set up a new computer system. By early spring, two of us will be able to help ring you up and we'll have two separate desks for all the other fun paperwork... A sample cabinet and other ideas are also in the works...

And now that we've mainly got the front room at least cleaned and painted, Jason has begun tackling our other adjacent room. Papers filed, many items recycled, donated and moved on out. Deep cleaning and soon some fresh paint. I am working with Metro's Natural Gardening program to host a seminar on Soil Amendments with Glen Andresen in the early spring, which we'll host in this sunny new room! More information on that as we get the details all set... And some photos of all this soon.