Wednesday, March 1, 2000


* UPDATED February 26th, 2011 *

We carry Red Wiggler Worms by Pre-Order each week on a rolling schedule. Right now we are really lucky to be supplied by Scott & Robin Olsen, whose land we leased to farm on in Helvetia in 2007 and who have an awesome worm farm going now.

Please call the shop to order yours, currently $30/lb.

We have a really nice free handout on Worm Bin Basics from Metro's Natural Gardening Program, along with the books: Worms Eat My Garbage - a well-loved classic, Worms Eat Our Garbage & Worm Cafe - both of which are great for classrooms and larger scale vermicomposting situations.

We love worms.

They will eat up all of your decaying fruit and vegetable matter and turn it into nutritive compost, known as castings, making for really lively, healthy soil and plants. And you can make your own bin free from a plastic tote or wood. The quietest, most productive little hermaphrodite livestock around.