Monday, March 20, 2000


(Updated 12/12/09)

BATTERIES: Bring in yer dead ones and we will recycle them at Metro! Here's a link to more recycling information and you can always call them at 503-234-3000
Wallace Books in Sellwood also takes batteries, styrofoam and lots more, too.

BAGS + POTS: We'll take them back for reuse and recyling. Please make sure to open them cleanly at the top and empty thoroughly. It makes it easiest to reuse them. We'll also be recycling our shrink wrap, pots and extra plastic with Agriplas

There is a literal mountain of pots and trays to sort through here, we're donating some, using and will have some for sale this spring. Many cracked to sort and recycle...

WOOD: We have salvaged a lot of wood here to build our new space with, given away a lot for raised beds and the rest is best for firewood. We love reusing wood, hardware, windows and building materials we find and as most of you already know, The Rebuilding Center and the ReStore are awesome.